It’s me... Andrea! Your Graphic Designer & Digital Artist from Melbourne, Australia.  

Say hello to versatility! I thrive on exploring a diverse range of graphic styles and always aim to add a hint of originality into each project. Though I strive for uniqueness, I also understand the importance of staying attuned to the current trends. My established creative process lays a strong foundation, however, I believe that each creative project requires its own tailored approach and outcome.

I define my creative process as the crystallisation of collective ideas into a meaningful solution. My clients are the heart and driving force behind all of my work. I believe every human is infinitely creative, so it is really important to me that I listen thoroughly to my client’s ideas.

Beyond my freelance work I bring my professional experience in the print and packaging industry to the table, leaving me well equipped to produce print ready art for various purposes. Whether it’s illustrating, re-draw, image editing, digitising, colourising, typsetting or layout, I have you covered! 

I am always up for some freelance fun! So please feel welcomed to send me an email with your vision - Let's make a move!
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