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The Party Meter is set in the backyard shed of a sharehouse, where the amentities are limited, but the party is bopping! Only a handful of basic neccessities are required to have a good time, and that’s what The Party Meter is all about!  

The Process

This project was filmed and animated by myself as part of a student project at Monash University. Admittedly the process for this film was quite experimental and not planned to a tee, I feel this is often inherent with smaller-scale event filming. In a low light environment we are often caught off guard by some of the stunning ephemeral qualities of a particular shot, moments that can’t be planned, so for that reason I threw myself into this environment and just started filming. As the night unfolded, I would find new details to focus on and most of my favourite shots in this film transpired by pure momentary enagement!

I followed on with some exciting film reviewing, sifting through footage to find those winning shots! Embracing free-flow editing and cutting, I evaluated how each shot could transition, selecting the perfect millisecond to make the edit. At this stage overlaying the music was crucial to ensure the cuts worked well.  Nothing is more vital to me than a than a video that is thoughtfully synchronised with a song! Perfect cuts engage with your viewing eyes, sparing you the need to physically dance when you’re watching a video in a public place!

With the film perfected in Premier Pro it was time to add in some playful animated infographics with After Effects to get extra experimental value out of this project. I love the extra dimension that infographics adds to footage, they add excitement, flow and most importantly, purpose. 

I hope you have as much fun watching this one as I did creating it!

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