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The Candle Bar was founded by a Melbourne couple whilst Melbournians were slowly emerging from COVID lockdowns. Australians were struggling either with loss of jobs or illness, while in contrast others were grateful to have surplus expendable income. The timing was ideal for The Candle Bar founders to transform their new passion for hand-pouring candles into a business offering affordable pleasure, in a time where gift giving was on the rise but the candle market was only getting more expensive. The Candle Bar wants to bring consumers nostalgic pleasure and delectable scents both by name and nose.

The Process

Sampling a sniff from all of their scents before starting this branding project was essential, it inspired me and helped me truly understand the richness and delectability of these fragrances. Given the name of the business beautifully complemented the scents, it was an ideal opportunity to explore the notion of a Melbourne bar theme.

If you have ever received a dehydrated fruit slice on your cocktail, then chances are you have been to a classy bar in Melbourne! The dehydrated fruit was actually one of the first concepts to hit my mind, perfectly encompassing a delicasy that is curated, high quality and classy. Being a local Melbournian myself, I considered my personal experience sipping cocktails in Melbourne, a valuable in contribution to the research! The way a dehydrated fruit remains suspended, floating, provided a simple yet impactful perspective to ensue calm. With confidence on the central icon concept I approached in an illustrative style to ensure the branding was original and distinguishable from competitors in a hugely competitive candle market. 

I refined the icon with a neutral and friendly typeface pairing to broaden customer attraction. Finally, I curated a harmonious colour palette for the brand, to evoke a sense of tranquility in a home setting while also capturing the playful essence of each scent. 

Now please excuse me while I go light my candle!

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