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Arista Therapy is a newly founded, Melbourne-based Occupational Therapy business targeted at paediatric clients including those with NDIS support. Despite beginning as a single therapist team, it was important to the owner that the logo and brand was reflecting potential future growth and team expansion. The design I created therefore needed to be impactful and unique to ensure a professional and accurate representation of Arista Therapy’s core values and targeted services. 

The Process

Given the locality of the target, research was heavily focused on a visual competitor analysis of similar Australian businesses, as this would determine where the client wanted to be perceived to sit within the market. It was determined that illustrative elements would be reflective of the target paediatric age, however a relatively simple and compact logo would maintain a professional look to attract client parents, carers and support workers. 

We wanted Arista Therapy to be vibrant with a diverse colour palette to bring youth and variety to the brand. This was a considered part of the sketching process, to ensure the design could work both as single colour and as multicolour.

The content of the logo was inspired by the amazing client Katerina, she had a clear vision to include equipment such as a pencil, puzzle pieces and a human element to represent their client diversity. Before sketching, I felt it was essential to create a mind map from the brand values with associating words, objects and shapes to find the core shape that would encase the logo content.

The first key element was the Arch, a shape that is welcoming, balanced and strong. This followed onto a second key element, the first letter of the company name (The ‘A’) which also brings meaning of quality, high-grade and high performance. Merging these two shapes together brought me to our final sturdy shape.

Although the client originally envisioned a puzzle element in their logo, through some development and refinement we felt that the finalised logo layout and overall shape was simple, clean and still perfectly symbolic of this. 

I felt compelled to finalise the brand with an animated short that unravels the symbolism tucked within the logo. This video serves as an attraction on the home page of Arista Therapy’s website, engaging potential clients with insights into what the company is all about.

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