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Gift Packaging & Accessories (giftpackaging.com.au) is a fast-growing wholesale packaging supplier based in Melbourne. During my time as the in-house Graphic Designer, I had the exciting opportunity to create product graphics for newly stocked product ranges. Below, I am delighted to showcase a curated collection of my personal favourites! As part of my role, I also crafted visually engaging marketing assets to showcase stocked products during seasonal peak periods. Head to the bottom of this page to check out the Valentine’s Day Look Book, where I had some fun incorporating some of my own original product photography and product styling.

The Process

Product Graphics
Product graphics undertake a multi-stage research phase along with collaborative team discussions around the style and content of the design. For illustrative work particularly, the process often begins with hand-drawing elements before transitioning into digitisation. Once the artwork reaches the refinement stage, I delve into colourisation, experimenting with various palettes. I will then create a digital mock up for the team approve before finally, a physical prototype to check the print outcome and finalise any artwork issues that become prominent with the product in the flesh.
Marketing Assets
Marketing assets are generated quickly due to the fast-paced nature of our marketing calendar. Generally the team will have an idea of the content that must be included and I may undertake some product styling and photography shoots to provide myself some additional image content to work with. After gathering inspiration and creating a mood board I will gather samples and start styling! Above I have exampled the Valentine’s Day Lookbook, my most recent product styling and photography work to date, as part of marketing asset creation for Valentine’s Day 2024 at Gift Packaging & Accessories.

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