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Event Graphics

Event graphics are a celebration of love and people! Designing custom event signage and stationery, instils an atmosphere that lingers in the memories of those cherishing the special day, capturing essence of the people involved. It’s a rewarding experience creating tailored graphics, and the excitement I share with my clients on these projects is truly mutual. Embracing diverse illustrative and graphic styles is something I thrive on and enjoy most with the design process. I consider myself lucky that I can contribute significantly to someone’s special day simply by pursuing my passions on the drawing board!




Design Process
It all begins with ears! I immerse myself in my client’s vision through in-depth listening sessions, whether face-to-face or on a call. Once the initial connections are made, clients are encouraged to take time to share as much inspiration as they desire, paving the way for me to extend the research further and elevate their vision beyond expectations.  After curating a mood board and collecting references, I dive right into action, initiating the process with illustrative stages before gradually moving into typography. If an invitation is part of the project, I prioritise it as the crucial tone-setting element. The invitation is the event’s first impression, so it is important this encapsulates the essence of the entire day before complimentary items are designed. 

The initial visual reveal to my clients typically consists of a small set of similar mock-up variations. This moment is my absolute favourite, as I relish the joyful response from my client! Recognising that perfection isn’t achieved in this step, we collaboratively navigate through further tweaks and adjustments post-reveal. This may also be the point of further technical refinement for any designs with complex illustration work. I also take opportunity to delve into print options in greater detail to ensure parameters of the final print solution can guide the artwork refinement process. 

The creation of event signage and stationery is overall a dynamic journey where client input, feedback and meticulous attention to detail, will shape the evolution of the design solution.

Stills in Time

Digital Portraits allow us to hold and embellish precious memories or dream new ones! They allow us to transform people and ideas into everlasting art on the wall, to relive the moment everyday, forever, without needing to rummage through that photo album.

Digital Art Process

I love working through varying processes for each illustrative project, depending on the scope of the work and the vision of my client!

For my digital portraits, the process generally begins with a real photograph, from which I sketch the key pose and extract a true colour palette as a starting point. The reference photo will inspire the shape of the art but final colour, shape, tone and texture adjustments are manicured to accentuate the subjects and the scene. For portrait painting the freeflow of the digital paint brush is important to get the final effect, building up the colours and textures naturally and progressively.

My sci-fi digital art piece Letters in Time instead started as a series of hand planned sketches before becoming a refined black and white tonal sketch on Procreate. The art was then textured on photoshop to add more magic, for this magical piece!

Check out some of my progress work videos!

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