02 The Box
of Presence

Concept, Graphics & Prototype

About   The Box of Presence is a compact folder that stores the See You Tonight sleep guidebook as well as Meditate Mate, a step-by-step interactive meditation exercise. This concept prototype was a self-initiated student project completed as part of Communication Design studies at Monash University. The Box of Presence is designed to educate and explain the correlation between sleep health and mental health during adolescence, a target age when information can be readily absorbed and have an impactful effect. The Box of Presence was fully researched, written, designed and illustrated by myself as an explorative concept project.

The Process   The driving force behind this concept was my passion and appreciation for Psychology and its relevance to youthful humanity. The concept of The Box of Presence is a proposed interactive book that aims to inspire the learning of mental health, sleep and mindfulness during teenage years.

I began this project with extensive research and from there I organised the collected insights to craft a solution that would resonate with the average teenager. I was excited to write the actual content for the project myself as it was super interesting to me as well as integral to the structure of the book. The tone of the writing became part of the design solution in a way, as the relatable and casual tone played a part in the engagement.

The ‘Sleepy Talk’ section of the See You Tonight book is all about sleep, how it improves our mood, why we need a certain amount and it provides core sleep resources including a stages of sleep explanation. Amongst the pages are playful diagrams and vibrant colours to encourage engagement with the educational content. A vibrant palette and visual approach ensured the design of the book dramatically contrasted with the aesthetic of a typical educational text-book. 

The informative sleep guide ‘Dreamy Talk’ delves into the true mystery that is human dreaming. This part of the booklet features a Dream Journal, space for the person to record dreams in words or drawings. This feature of the design provides a personal, creative outlet for imagination and enquiries.

I completed See You Tonight with ‘Make Your Day’, a collection of surprise positive prompts that you peel to reveal as needed. This interactive part of the book is designed to encourage an open mind and positive start to the day when you’re struggling to find direction, or if looking to simply add a bit of zest!

Mindfulness was important to cover in The Box of Presence, however, despite the available research I decided that an exercise could be more impactful rather than adding an extra chapter to the book. After all, not everyone likes reading! The playful meditation exercise blocks are simplified into sequential steps with symbols on the reverse side allowing dynamic use.

If developing this product concept further it would require peer review, further research and development to refine the The Box of Presence as a reliable, sustainable and useful educational resource. 

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