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Sketcheroo, an exclusive pencil brand, originated during my time as the in-house Graphic Designer at Gift Packaging & Accessories (giftpackaging.com.au). It all started with a set of 6 coloured mini pencils in a reusable plastic case, initially sourced as a complement to our colouring kraft bag range. As sales remained steady, an exciting opportunity emerged to establish an exclusive and affordable pencil brand, introducing a unique product and packaging solution to replace the original generic pencil pack.

The Process

The brand name 'Sketcheroo' was conjured up by the business manager, and it immediately resonated with the team. The Aussie vibe and playful undertones of the name captured our imagination. I was particularly keen on drawing out the kangaroo motif and infusing the design with the same playful spirit that defined our product. Ensuring the logo remained legible on the narrow confines of the pencil was no small feat, but after several rounds of tweaking and testing different typefaces, we arrived at a design that felt dynamic and true to the brand essence. As champions of affordability for the modern Australian business, we opted for eco-friendly kraft brown cardstock boxes, a departure from the original plastic sleeves. To balance cost-effectiveness with aesthetics, we embraced a minimalist CMYK-only print approach, widening our market appeal while also catering to corporate clients seeking branded pencil packs with space to add their logo to the front panel. Sketcheroo mirrors Gift Packaging & Accessories’ commitment to sustainability, creativity, with a touch of Aussie flair.

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