This Diary Might Exist

This Diary is a playful prototype designed as part of a university project to explore the concept of Agnosticism and how it might exist in the form of a zine. The creative solution was to move away from the traditional zine and convert it into a diary.

Engaging a reader in a topic or informative document can be achieved much more easily when there is a level of interaction involved. Various paper stocks were chosen to spark interest and allow for interactivity that a glossed or bound book could not allow. Some of the interactive pages may involve cutting, tearing by pre-perforations, writing ideas or drawing in grid or lined pages provided. All of these actions allow for more processing of the ideas included in the booklet, becoming an exercise 

This Diary was designed in Adobe InDesign with the compliment of some visuals drawn by hand, and further refined to a vector in Adobe Illustrator. Please note the copy included in this prototype is not original text and was inserted for text formatting practice and planning.