The Candle Bar


The Candle Bar startup is one of the few Melbourne small candle businesses that offers cocktail themed scented candles. The exciting brief required creation of flavoured branding and product labels that were attuned to the minimalist candle trend. The brand needed to simultaneously stand out from the rest of the competitive crowd that was the vast amount of Melbourne Candle Businesses booming at the time. 

If you have ever received a dehydrated fruit slice on your cocktail, then chances are you have been to a classy bar in Melbourne! The dehydrated fruit became the central icon for The Candle Bar’s brand and product. It represents something curated, made with care, high quality and classy. It felt important to have an illustrated component to the branding to ensure it was distinguishable from competitors. The friendly typeface also attempts to appeal equally to masculine and feminine target audiences, in order to broaden a customer attraction. The colour palette was thoughtfully curated to remain aesthetically calming when in situ yet playful and symbiotic to the varying scents.