Sense Of Place


This collection of cinemagraphs transpired in the Dandenong Ranges. This beautiful area exists at the backdoor of the Melbourne Suburbs yet it feels like a planet away with its enchanting greenery. This project remains meaningful to me as with the local flora and fauna we have here in Melbourne, Australia.

As I perched on the hilltops and wandered through the trees, I gazed around in awe and let my imagination overlay itself onto the environment. To sieze the moments I captured footage across the landscape. Within the natural scenery I found myself grounded in a mindful way yet simultaneously swept away by my imagination.

Immersing myself in this real environment prompted me to reflect upon one of my passion to surface and draw magic from our real world. I rediscovered and acknowledged my passion for both realism and surrealism equally. To express this inner relationship, I proceeded to manipulated the footage in order to produce a series of mesmerising cinemagraphs to communicate this visually.

The vivid, extensive and untypical colour pallette draws attention to the abundance natural elements within the frame that otherwise may blend together in shades of brown and green. Details and textures in the environment also become more noticeable with the application of a wider colour pallette. The isolated movements of a single element in each cinemegraph highlights the beauty in natural activities, complimenting the surrealistic colours with a realistic characteristic. Each cinemagraph plays infinitely, as infinite as the beauty itself.