Letters In The Future
ponders whether one day we might lose digital technology, move to higher ground, settle the farmland and resort to building traditional stone homes. Perhaps we would need to train mythically evolved, fast-flying birds to deliver our messages in gold plated cases! Perhaps we don’t remain on earth, instead we discovered a place or planet with foreign elements that allow part of our civilisation to live a simple life. Come each afternoon, we wait in excitement at the bird tower for that love letter to fly in.
The illustration process began as a basic 2D sketch on paper, followed by utilisation of image referencing. These two steps developed into further stages of digital line drawings on Procreate, finally leading me towards the refined tonal sketch as shown below. I aimed to experiment with the illustration process and decided to use the final digital tonal sketch as a shadow layer in Photoshop where I further coloured, added lighting and texture to the illustration.